Here’s a little something that we don’t see too often: two distinct décor styles defined over the same interior space, providing two opposing design strategies for the same room layouts. This is the exciting work of Russian designer and we love the contrast ideas going all the way from one end of the spectrum to the other.


We begin with a youthful look, smoothed out in cool gray painted walls complete with huge Manga style murals.

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Modern accessories flank the walls to add class to the comic art, whilst the nearby home office space remains clear, light and bright.



At the opposite end of the scale, we see the same home decorated in a far more deep and sumptuously sophisticated lounge décor, bathed in a chocolate brown textured wall-covering, and accented in a lunar theme through moon wall art and twin celestial lamps.

A gallery of landscape art provides pinpricks of colorful light and lift to the heavy scheme, and contrasting sofa with cushions provides plenty of interest to the snug space.


A Feminine Touch Will Make Your Room Cozy…

Whether a home has a MALE or a FEMALE owner, a little FEMININE touch can go a long way to making a harsh lined modern layout feel more like a cozy home. See the tricks of the trade on how to smooth things over with a slightly softer side.


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Colorful scatter cushions with elegant motifs are key to the fun finish of this room. The otherwise neutral scheme gains great lift from the kaleidoscope of hues, which are picked up subtly by a miniature vase of blooms and bookcase accessories.


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Floral feature walls behind the sofa and a curvaceous workstation add a delicate design element to the straighter furniture silhouettes in the room. A sweeping lighting arrangement compliments the organic prints in warm white LEDs.


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Mall crystal drops add a subtle sparkle to the central lighting fixture in this room, whilst scatter cushions add a little personality and pop.

JUST a dose of CINEMA magic…

With so much technology to pack into our homes these days, we’re always looking for examples that manage to house their gadgets in good balance–avoiding overbearing towers of black boxes and a spaghetti junction of wires.

Iso View


Orange sectional sofa

This home has an utterly enviable collection of big boys toys that merge with the contemporary interior without appearing jarring.

Contemporary bed

Even the bedroom gets a dose of cinema magic.

Even the bedroom gets a DOSE of the VIBES.




In the kitchen the homeowners wanted something to compliment the forward thinking design of the rest of their home, so installed a wall of appliances, as well as a bespoke floating breakfast bar holding vertically mounted taps

Unpredictable Twists for Modern Kitchens..

When planning the clean, uncomplicated lines of your contemporary kitchen, don’t forget to add a little unpredictable flair like these examples we’ve gathered from around the net. Lets explore the possibilities…


The simplest way to introduce impact is with color, and this bright green cabinet run streaks ahead of most hues with zest.


For slightly more subtle color blocking, try deep blue accents, or go all dark and dramatic with deep shades of gray.



Keep the cabinets neutral and go mad with the paint instead to allow cheap and cheerful makeovers that can completely change the mood of the room.


If you are someone who goes through frequent style phases, evolving your taste with the seasons, then introduce color to your kitchen via the wall color rather than the unit finish to avoid costly revamps later.


Can You DESIGN and DECORATE the ROOMS of the little ones?

Maybe or perhaps not sure, parents are often confused when it comes to designing and decorating the rooms of their little ones. Whether it’s a room for a 4 year old hyperactive little boy, or a daughter that’s about to celebrate her sweet sixteenth birthday, it’s always a hard thing to do – because, no matter how old they are, they’ll always have their own set of quirky ideas! We may not be able to offer a silver bullet that will help you magically reach a consensus but we can definitely dish out some inspiration!


red kids room





Make Your Living Room Chic & Unique…

If you have white based living room décor, and you dread the thought of a complete overhaul, or committing to an entirely new solid color scheme, then fear not, there are plenty of other ways in which you can add punch to your existing interior.


If you find you love your new accent colors, you can go a little further by investing in colored furniture, but it’s also possible to anchor a floaty white room by using deep, rich wood tones, which will add neutral warmth and texture.


Color introduction doesn’t have to be overwhelming, try introducing a glow of orange, or pop of green via area rugs and lampshades, cushion covers and accessories, which are all easy to change out later if you get bored.

Via NeveroqtnoIf you are happy with your pure white palette, and are looking to add impact in a more neutral way, then your light fitting is a great place to start. As your décor is already paired back in hue, then you can afford to go large with your pendant; think oversized drum shades or light reflecting sculptural glass.

If you are happy with your pure white palette, and are looking to add impact in a more neutral way, then your light fitting is a great place to start. As your décor is already paired back in hue, then you can afford to go large with your pendant; think oversized drum shades or light reflecting sculptural glass.


Your white walls are the most versatile there is, but if you would like to add a splash of color to your backdrop too, then why not try painting a canvas in your accent color, or invest in a complimentary piece of art?


Teenagers are hard to please, but this gallery of goodies is bound to put a smile on their face; gorgeous spaces for girls with cool fresh ideas and new colorways.


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This hot pink and cool gray combination creates a vibrant but balanced scheme that despite its shocking slashes of color does not appear overpowering. The attention grabbing storage shelves flank every available space, keeping teenage clutter off the floor and schoolbooks at hand when studying.

The neutrally hued walls are given character with the addition of a typographical theme, which is both fun and stylish, and cleverly draws the eye away from what could have appeared as an unsightly bulkhead.


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This teenage girls room is filled with feminine patterns, in the fabric of the prettily covered office chair and the delicate wallpaper that backs the work zone and sleeping area. Flourishes of apple green offset the sweet candyfloss shades elsewhere in the décor.