JUST a dose of CINEMA magic…

With so much technology to pack into our homes these days, we’re always looking for examples that manage to house their gadgets in good balance–avoiding overbearing towers of black boxes and a spaghetti junction of wires.

Iso View


Orange sectional sofa

This home has an utterly enviable collection of big boys toys that merge with the contemporary interior without appearing jarring.

Contemporary bed

Even the bedroom gets a dose of cinema magic.

Even the bedroom gets a DOSE of the VIBES.




In the kitchen the homeowners wanted something to compliment the forward thinking design of the rest of their home, so installed a wall of appliances, as well as a bespoke floating breakfast bar holding vertically mounted taps


Unpredictable Twists for Modern Kitchens..

When planning the clean, uncomplicated lines of your contemporary kitchen, don’t forget to add a little unpredictable flair like these examples we’ve gathered from around the net. Lets explore the possibilities…


The simplest way to introduce impact is with color, and this bright green cabinet run streaks ahead of most hues with zest.


For slightly more subtle color blocking, try deep blue accents, or go all dark and dramatic with deep shades of gray.



Keep the cabinets neutral and go mad with the paint instead to allow cheap and cheerful makeovers that can completely change the mood of the room.


If you are someone who goes through frequent style phases, evolving your taste with the seasons, then introduce color to your kitchen via the wall color rather than the unit finish to avoid costly revamps later.